William May Bill

Everything no one wants to know
from some who knows almost nothing.
Or does he?

This is the start of something good.

A home page from which you can explore my website and everything you want to know. OK, not exactly everything.

Most folks like to brag and boast about their accomplishments. But frankly I am just not sure how much anybody cares about any of that.

So instead of spinning yarns of what I have done, where I have been, praising my wonderful family and fabulous friends, and what my "Mission" is - how about I just write some stuff and then you the reader can decide if you even care.

Really, why does every person and every group need to have a mission? Is it not just enough to do seek to do good?

Is there is anything here worth the time it will take to read it? Gee I sure hope so.

But feel free to take a look anyway. Read all about it. Feel free to leave comment providing you can keep it civil, and not overly critical.

I am happy to have you here.

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